1013968_635416289803192_1186384465_nWhat is a cubic yard?

Imagine a box that is three feet tall, three feet deep, and three feet wide. That’s one cubic yard. All bulk mulches and topsoil are measured by the cubic yard.

How do I figure out how many cubic yards or tons of product I need?

When you have an irregularly shaped area, as many are, you simply have to estimate the average length, width, and depth. If you need help or have a question, call us at 207-647-9500.

Can we pick up materials ourselves?

Absolutely! No appointment or call ahead is necessary. Just show up with your open bed, truck or trailer during regular business hours and we will load the product of your choice.

IMG_7998How much will my truck hold?

A standard half-ton pickup with a six foot bed will hold approximately:

2 cubic yards of lightweight material like mulch.

1 cubic yard of heavier material such as topsoil.

½ cubic yard of very heavy material like sand or gravel.